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Divorce – Dissolution of Marriage

Divorce – Dissolution of Marriage

We understand that divorce is never an easy process to take part of. At times, the parties may find themselves in agreement and the process may be more harmonious. However, it is still a difficult and meticulous process, wherein, many mistakes may be made. It is of the utmost importance that all matters are dealt with professionally and properly. Remember, the decisions you make now regarding your divorce can likely impact you in the future. A divorce is more than just an end; it is the beginning of your new life.

It is important to know that Florida is a “No-Fault” divorce state. As such, courts in Florida will not attribute any fault to either of the parties involved. A party may file a petition for the dissolution of their marriage so long as one of the parties to the marriage has “irreconcilable differences.”

Three Types of Divorces in Florida

  • Simplified Divorces – If money and time are an issue, the Simplified Dissolution process is your best option. This process is available to couples that do not have minor/dependent children, are not seeking alimony, and do not have any property owned together or in dispute.
  • Uncontested Divorces – Typically, an Uncontested Divorce is established through a Marital Settlement Agreement. Unfortunately, at times it may be tough to reach an agreement as to the Marital Settlement Agreement. You may ask: what is a Marital Settlement Agreement? Fundamentally, A Marital Settlement Agreement is a written and legally binding contract made by and between both parties. The Marital Settlement Agreement will address all aspects of the dissolution such as: marital assets; equitable distribution of marital assets; child support; spousal support (if applicable); child custody (time-sharing); parenting plan; and parental rights.
  • Contested Divorces – Most often divorcing couples are not the most amicable at that moment in their respective life. Consequently, the vast majority of divorces result in contested battles. If negotiations and mediations do not resolve these disputes, it is very likely that we will need to go to trial on the dispute of these issues.