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Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative Divorce – Dissolution

In Collaborative Law proceeding, parties allow themselves the opportunity to work in unison to achieve their respective goals with their respective attorney. The goal of collaborative law is to control cost and losses, and emotional stress. Essentially, Collaborative Law focuses on the negotiation of particular issues regarding the Divorce – Dissolution.

Traditionally, in the typical Divorce – Dissolution process, a spouse submits a petition to the court against the other spouse, making the process much more adversary. Essentially, both parties are at war. The ex-spouses, as a direct result, are represented by their respective attorneys.’ Consequently, legal fees are quickly and easily accrued. It is important to note, some life-long issues may be taken out of the spouses’ control and be determined by a mediator, a magistrate, or a Judge.

Collaborative Law Divorce – Dissolution allow for ex-spouses to make these important decisions and not avail themselves to the decision making powers of third parties.